Agape Meal – June 30th – St. John the Baptist

Come celebrate the one year anniversary of the founding of our Narthex! We will be having an Agape Meal to commemorate both the birth of Saint John the Baptist as well as the birth of the Narthex that bears his name.


Private event. Invite only. Please contact Narthex Leader, Joe Revels, for details.

May 6th – Cup of Joe

The discussion will be about Gnostic Paul by Elaine Pagels. Various Gnostic Christian words in Paul’s Epistles and how this can be incorporated into our own Cosmologies.


Venue: Starbucks in Calhoun, GA at 6pm

April 22nd – Cup of Joe

This month’s discussion is going to be on “Sacramental Technology,” the idea of spiritual practices as a form of technology that can bring us real results. This is done in the context of the traditional seven sacraments and how they are efficacious “ex opere operato.”

The meeting will be held at the Starbucks in Calhoun, GA at 6pm.