Feast of St. John the Beloved Disciple (Updated)

The Narthex Leader will be hosting an Agape Meal in his home in honor of the feast day of St. John the Beloved Disciple. The meal will be at Brother Joe’s house on December 30th, starting at 7pm.  Given the small and private venue, it is important for guests to communicate directly with Brother Joe ahead of time if they are planning to attend. This can be done via the St. John’s Facebook group or via email at [email protected].

For those who have never experienced an Agape Meal, it is a lovely ritual experience. It is based upon some of the earliest traditions of the church that nevertheless fell out of common use over a thousand years ago. The AJC proudly resurrected this practice and it is a real treat. It exists in this pleasant space somewhere between formal and casual, religious and social, ritualistic and hedonistic.

There will be no formal dress code for this event.

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