Looking Ahead to 2018

After a rather chaotic start that consisted of trying a variety of meeting types, I hope to settle into a relatively predictable pattern in the new year. The largest change is going to be an increase in meeting times from once a month to twice a month.

The first meeting of every month will focus on Theory. It will usually be a coffee shop style meeting to discuss the Johannite church, specific theological topics or study Scripture, whether Gnostic, Canonical, Hermetic, or otherwise. The other meeting will be of a “rotating” type focusing on Practice. This will include Logos Services, Agape Meals, Nature Hikes, Esoteric Workshops, Meditation Seminars, and whatever else we can dig up to do.

As far as our studies in the coming year, we are going to start with the Gospel of Thomas, reading through it together as a group, and discussing any insights gained. We will supplement this with working through the new Johannite school of instruction as the various lessons come available. This school will cover basics of what makes the Apostolic Johannite Church different from other churches and our unique approach to the Great Mystery. Other study items on the table include the Gospel of Philip and Valentinian Gnosticism as well as a discussion on Heresy. This will be expanded as the year goes on.

Finally, we have a big blowout planned for the feast day of our patron saint, St. John the Baptist. This falls at the end of June and will be one part philosophical discussion and one part block party. More details to come.

I’ll be posting the schedule for the rest of the Winter months soon.

God bless you all and seek the Light in all things.

Bro. Joe


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