Conclave 2022- June 24-26

We are happy to announce the AJC Conclave for 2022! It will be held from June 24th to June 26th. In the interest of keeping the safety and health of our members paramount, this conclave will be held entirely online.

Conclave is an amazing opportunity for us to gather together and learn, socialize, and deepen our understanding, as both a community and individuals. Conclave offers workshops and panel discussions centered around Gnosticism as a whole, as well as the our particular brand of Gnosticism and related practices found within the Apostolic Johannite Church. Conclave is open to both the ordained and the lay community.

This year’s theme will be Gnosis Beyond Gnosticism, and we are happy to announce our keynote speaker, Dr. James McGrath. Dr. McGrath will be speaking on St. John the Baptist and the Mandaeans.

For more information regarding Dr. McGrath, and for a look at our programs and workshops for this year, please visit:

We welcome you with warmth and open arms, and hope that you will choose to attend this year’s AJC Conclave!

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