An Amazing Weekend!

The Official Visit of His Excellency, Bishop Scott Rassbach, was a rare treat for the community. His cleverness and insight was a real boost to both the intellectual and spiritual health of the community and our services together were a blessing to everyone involved. We had one baptism, four confirmations, and our Senior Warden, Olivia Riley, was consecrated as an Acolyte, allowing her to assist and serve at the holy altar during Mass. But beyond any advancements that took place “on paper,” there was a general spiritual elevation of the entire community; a gnostic revival, if you will. All of us who were present have been positively impacted by this weekend and without exception, everyone is renewed and restored in their dedication to the Great Work.

Truly, let it be said, “Little is much if God is in it.”
Love, Light, and Gnosis to all.
~Rev. Deacon Joe Revels

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