Conclave 2022 – June 24th-26th

Everyone, whether clergy, laity, or unaffiliated friend is invited to our church’s yearly Conclave. Due to continued travel restrictions, our Conclave will once again be held online, starting June 24th and running through June 26th. The lectures will be available on zoom and those that register will receive links to watch them later at leisure. Please consider participating as many speakers allow for questions and those tend to create a whole new lively debate even after the official lecture has ended.

For more information visit the main website and click on the Conclave tab or you may go there directly by clicking this link.

June Gnostic Mass- Cancelled due to Conclave

This month’s Gnostic Mass is cancelled due to this year’s Conclave, which is at the end of the month, from the 24th through the 26th. After Conclave we will resume our monthly Mass as usual.

More information on Conclave can be found at:

Conclave 2022- June 24-26

We are happy to announce the AJC Conclave for 2022! It will be held from June 24th to June 26th. In the interest of keeping the safety and health of our members paramount, this conclave will be held entirely online.

Conclave is an amazing opportunity for us to gather together and learn, socialize, and deepen our understanding, as both a community and individuals. Conclave offers workshops and panel discussions centered around Gnosticism as a whole, as well as the our particular brand of Gnosticism and related practices found within the Apostolic Johannite Church. Conclave is open to both the ordained and the lay community.

This year’s theme will be Gnosis Beyond Gnosticism, and we are happy to announce our keynote speaker, Dr. James McGrath. Dr. McGrath will be speaking on St. John the Baptist and the Mandaeans.

For more information regarding Dr. McGrath, and for a look at our programs and workshops for this year, please visit:

We welcome you with warmth and open arms, and hope that you will choose to attend this year’s AJC Conclave!

Upcoming Dates for Gnostic Mass

From the Rector:

April 10th- Mass by the Reverend Joe Revels. This will be an Easter mass, which will include a baptism.

May 8th- Mass by the Reverend Joe Revels, with lecture to be determined.

June 5th- Mass by the Reverend Joe Revels, with lecture to be determined.

This year’s AJC Conclave will be held from June 24th – June 26th, and more information can be found below.

Conclave is on the way!

Don’t forget to book your trip to Conclave this year. It is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at the Seat of St. John, in St. Joseph of Arimethea Parish. I’ll be there this year and I’ll be happy to coordinate travel plans with anyone else in the area that wishes to go.

Details available here.


Conclave will be in Montreal, Quebec, Canada this year beginning on May 16th and running through the 21st!

Please consider attending as this is an amazing opportunity to network with other members of our clergy as well as lay members of the community. All the exciting speakers and events are listed on the main site at this address:

Conclave 2018 Registration

Registration for Conclave 2018 has opened!

All the details are available on the Conclave 2018 tab on the main church page at as well as an events schedule and how to register.

As always, I encourage everyone to attend, especially clergy and seminarians, as this is a wonderful learning experience, a great opportunity to meet clergy from far flung areas, and a chance to enjoy the sacraments and rituals of the church for those of us who live far away from a parish.

Bro. Joe