September Meeting Cancelled

It pains me to do this but we will be cancelling our meeting originally scheduled for September 10th. My wife will be going into surgery on the 11th and will be in pre-op on the 5th. To complicate matters further, my daughter turns four that weekend. Additionally, I’ve spoken to others in the community and September will be a busy and difficult month for some of them as well. Given these facts, I feel that it will be prudent to cancel.

However, I will still be available via email at [email protected] or via our Facebook group if anyone needs to contact me for any reason. I will still be working behind the scenes to encourage spiritual growth in the community as much as possible given the circumstances.

Love, Light, and Gnosis to you all,

Brother Joe

November 5th – Tarot Workshop

Ansley K. Sproull will be providing a Tarot workshop for the Narthex in Calhoun, GA on November 5th. Her specialty is in a Jungian Archetypes model of interpretation. Everyone is encouraged to bring their favorite Tarot deck (when in doubt, bring a Ryder-Waite-Smith!) and be prepared for a fun, interactive study session.

Details concerning time and venue are yet to be determined.

Hiking Trip [Rescheduled for Spring]

On October 8th at 2:00pm, we will be meeting at the guest center of Red Top Mountain State Park. We will be hiking on a low impact trail and using the beautiful natural scenery as a backdrop for a discussion on Pastoralism in Scripture as well as the role of Natural Religion in each of our spiritual lives. The event will likely conclude after about three hours. Afterword, we will meet at a local restaurant for a fellowship dinner.

[Rescheduled for Spring]

September 10th – Vespers Service of the Logos

We will be holding a Logos Service on September 10th at the Calhoun Recreation center. The service will be begin at 7:00pm but participants are encouraged to show up at 6:30pm to meet everyone and get settled in. We will be introducing the practice of Lectio Divina as part of the service using the Gospel of Thomas as the source text. Participants are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the text before the meeting.

August 13th – Gnostic Myth

A coffee shop meeting at 6:00 pm on August 13th in which we will be discussing the importance of Myth within the Gnostic Tradition with a special emphasis on general Gnostic Cosmology. All attendees are greatly encouraged to read “The Hypostatis of the Archons” before arrival as we will be discussing this book from the Nag Hammadhi Library in depth.

Also, it is the Feast Day of St. Esclarmonde de Foix and we will be discussing her contribution to our own “Myth” as well.

The venue will be the Starbucks in Calhoun, GA.