The Holy Sophia Narthex of the Apostolic Johannite Church holds regular monthly Logos Services, to which all are warmly welcomed.

The Holy Sophia Narthex follows a Johannite tradition of a Gnostic Christianity unique yet familiar, ancient but new, independent and apostolic. It is a tradition embracing of all, free of discrimination of any religious or sectarian bias.

We embrace a truly gnostic approach to the direct experience of the Divine; through nature mysticism, Johannite liturgy, and the study of both canonical and Gnostic gospels.

A Johannite “Logos Service” is held usually on each third Saturday of each month (except January) of the year.

Venue: Unity of Melbourne (Foundation Room) – 4 Renown Street, Burwood, VIC 3125

The Logos Service for 2019 (10:30am to 11:30am) are as follows:

January – NO MEETING

Saturday – 16th February 2019

Saturday – 16th March 2019

Saturday – 20th April 2019

Saturday – 18th May 2019

Saturday – 22nd June 2019 (4th Saturday)

Saturday – 20th July 2019

Saturday – 17th August 2019 (Mass & Eucharist Service with the Most Rev. Mar Timotheos)

Saturday – 21st September 2019

Saturday – 19th October 2019

Saturday – 16th November 2019

Saturday – 21st December 2019