The Holy Sophia Narthex of the Apostolic Johannite Church holds regular monthly Logos Services, to which all are warmly welcomed.

The Holy Sophia Narthex follows a Johannite tradition of a Gnostic Christianity unique yet familiar, ancient but new, independent and apostolic. It is a tradition embracing of all, free of discrimination of any religious or sectarian bias.

We embrace a truly gnostic approach to the direct experience of the Divine; through nature mysticism, Johannite liturgy, and the study of both canonical and Gnostic gospels.

A Johannite “Logos Service” is held on each fourth Saturday  of each Month of the year.

The Logos Service for 2018 are as follows, commencing at 2pm.

Saturday June 30th

Sunday 22nd July

Saturday 25th August (A full Mass and Eucharist service with his Grace Bishop Tim)

Sat 29th September

Sat 27th  October

Sat 24th November

Sat 22nd December