Narthex meeting on Saturday 15 February 2020

At our next Narthex meetings we will work with and through the Secret Book of John. The Secret Book of John, also referred to as the Apocryphon of John, is perhaps the most significant gnostic text discovered thus far. It is one of the earliest renderings of a gnostic cosmology and one of the most intriguing guides to the spiritual journey of the human soul.

This month, we will look closer at the sections of the Secret Book of John where the Aeons of the higher realms begin to launch a kind of rescue mission to restore all things to union with the All. We will also work through the three discussion questions outlined in the ‘Overview – Human Beings and John’s Questions’ document, ready for download below. It would be good if you could already start thinking about possible answers to these questions beforehand in order to be prepared for the meeting and to allow for a more in depth discussion of the topic. If you are having trouble getting this document, please contact us via this this webpage or through our Facebook page.