This is a place to learn more about the thought, practice, community, and history of the Apostolic Johannite Church. Our aim is to make it easier for new members of the church, as well as interested people who aren’t close to a local community, to find out more about the AJC.

Johannite School is free.

As the school curriculum grows, it will cover popular topics like,

  1. Introduction to Johannite Concepts and Theology
  2. What do Johannites do (practice, ritual, traditions)?
  3. What is the AJC about (structure, definitions, community)?
  4. What is Gnosticism (introduction)?
  5. History of Johannite communities (33CE to today)
  6. What is Hermeticism and why is it relevant?

The first of these courses, “Introduction to Johannite Concepts and Theology” has already begun and you are welcome to join in. New units appear every week.

All courses include video lectures, written notes, extra resources and homework exercises. Each course is self-paced.

The school includes a forum area where you can meet other students and ask for help.

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