Exploring The Gospels According to the Primitive Church

The Gospels According to the Primitive Church, also known commonly as The Levitikon or Evangelikon, is a controversial and influential Gnostic accounting of the Gospel of John. Discovered in France in the early 19th century and supposedly translated from a Greek original, this version of the “Fourth Gospel” is striking in the ways that it differs from the Gospel of John that you might be familiar with.

In this course we will explore the Gospels (as they are called in this text, mostly corresponding to the chapters of the more common versions of John) one by one, with a particular emphasis on the differences in the two versions. What is missing? What is added? Is there a particular pattern to the differences, and does that pattern affect the reading of John to encourage a more Gnostic interpretation?

The class, in its initial run, will consist of 21 weeks of one hour group discussions via online voice chat that will be recorded and posted with this course for future students to hear. A microphone will be required to participate in the discussion, but silent observers are fine too. Discussions between classes will take place on this site via the forums. Classes will take place on Wednesday evenings at 9pm Eastern US time beginning October 3rd, 2018 and wrapping up (good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise) February 20th, 2019. You will, of course, need a copy of the text, which is available for purchase here, all sales benefit the AJC. The handout material can be downloaded here: Major differences in the Levitikon, it is a pretty comprehensive list of all the major differences between the versions.