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    Ian Bryant


    I’m probably not seeing a bug as much as seeing the post review processes in action, but in short:

    I posted a reply to Introduce Yourself.  I see that I posted because the last poster listed is me.  I see the URL for my post since it is linked to in the notification at the top of the Introduce Yourself section.  But when I click on the link the post is not visible.  My profile shows I haven’t posted any replies.  And when I search the Introduce Yourself section for my name, it doesn’t appear.

    Recommendation:  If that is due to the post not being approved yet, is there a setting that will cause the “…and was last updated by” section to only show the last post approved?

    Here is what that section reads:

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    This is the URL for the post:

    Thank you!

    Yours in the Christos, in the Gnosis, in the Sophia.

    – Francis Christian Bryant, Los Angeles


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    Tim Mansfield

    hey Francis,

    Welcome to the program and thanks for your bug report. We don’t manually review posts, but your reply somehow got flagged as spam (it didn’t look spammy to me, but I’m no AI).

    I’m not sure why I have a spam checker turned on, but I’ll take a look at that.

    In the meantime, I unspammed your post.

    Thanks again!

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      Ian Bryant

      Most Rev. Mar Timotheos,

      Thanks for the welcome! I’m sure a spam filter is a good thing; perhaps I need to consider the way I word posts in the future!

      Thanks for your help.

      Have a wonderful day.

      Yours in the Christos, in the Gnosis, in the Sophia.

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