Open for enrollments: Introduction to Johannite Practice

After some delays, the Practice course is open for enrollments. There’s not a great deal there right now, just a slightly cleaned up version of that opening talk, some notes and some reflection questions.

I considered recording that talk again, but the version that’s there was ex tempore and I quite like a lot of it. If I did it again, it would probably sound wooden. So I did some noise reduction on it to remove a lot of the background hiss. Hopefully, it’s usable.

What’s coming quite soon is a forum to discuss how the course is going for you and, before too long, Unit 2.

Expect this course to take a while, both for me to produce and for you to complete. Because a lot of the topics are practices, you’ll need to actually try them for a while to make sense of much of this.

Blessings of Advent to you. You can sign up using the link below:

Introduction to Johannite Practice

This course lays out the labyrinth of practice for modern Johannites. Most of the course is practical, but there is some theory-about-practice to help students discern their own way forward. Topics Getting started: One Prayer to Begin (following modules are under active review) Pre-requisites: Introduction to Johannite Concepts and Theology is very strongly encouraged, but…

Tim Mansfield
Bishop of New South Wales
Bishop Tim is the rector of the Parish of St Uriel the Archangel in Sydney and Bishop of New South Wales. He serves on the Apostolic Council of the AJC. He was ordained in 2008 and consecrated to the episcopacy in 2012.
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