Welcome to the Rose Cross Community in Portland, Oregon! We are part of the Apostolic Johannite Church, and is served by Monsignor Scott Rassbach as rector.

As a principle, we affirmatively recognize that Divinity is present in all Beings, and we welcome every gender, race, ethnicity, economic and social status, gender identity, and sexual orientation.


The Rose and the Cross are ancient symbols, relating to the flowering of knowledge through the interaction with the material world. Our purpose here is to build a supportive and compassionate community, share our learning and reflections, and thus serve the City of Roses.

We are a gnostic, contemplative, inclusive, Christian community. We encourage freedom of thought, diversity of belief, and we share a strong commitment to spiritual practice. Our community is small, intimate and welcoming. If you’re interested in pursuing your personal spiritual journey in community with others, perhaps you’re one of us.  Read more about Johannite spirituality here.

We encourage you to consider visiting us and perhaps getting involved. Mostly though, we’d like to meet you, just as you are. Come as you are, stay as long as you like, or as little as you like. We’re here for you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a conversation.

Rose Cross Community celebrates the Holy Eucharist monthly. Our book club meetings as well as social hour called Gnosis on Tap happen once a month during the summer in inner Southeast. Check out more about our activities and our summer schedule! We also send out our monthly activities and other news electronically so feel free to sign up for our mailing list!