Ministry and Outreach

Pastoral Care

Life is full of joy and hardship. We all go through times of sadness, grief, successes and failures, confusion, changes in life, or illness. During these difficult times, our community supports each other by caring for each other, offering companionship, and prayer.

The clergy are available to listen, to pray, and to be with you in difficult times. If you or your loved ones are in distress, in the hospital, are grieving, or need someone with whom to discuss a particular issue, or for prayer requests, please let us know by writing to us. Clergy may offer a referral to other support networks and resources.

LGBTQ+ Ministry

Our community was founded with full inclusion as a basic principle. The church has always welcomed all qualified women and men of any sexual orientation to the priesthood and joyfully celebrates sacramental marriage with loving couples of any gender.

If you have found yourself excluded from full participation in a church because of your sexual orientation or gender identity and you’re drawn to contemplative prayer and a traditional style of liturgy, perhaps our community is for you. Please come along to a service or group meeting and let’s experience our diverse community together.

Campus Outreach

College is an exciting time, and it can also be challenging and stressful. During college, many students asks many questions – personal, social, spiritual, and more – to discover who they are. Our community is here to support these students in their quest for spiritual identity, to listen to their frustrations, to be present with them during difficult times, to prompt thought-provoking questions, and to empower them with relevant resources and support networks in their journey, regardless of their particular faith or background.

We are currently collaborating with the Multicultural Resource Center at Reed College to support the students in their spiritual journey. If you are a college student in the Portland metro area and having difficulty finding a spiritual home or community, we invite you to reach out to us.

Spiritual Formation

While your journey to come to personal knowledge of the Divine is yours alone, we all benefit from working together as a community, sharing good books, ideas, and educated conversation, and participating in common liturgical life. To this end, we engage in study and practice rooted in the Christian tradition (both Gnostic and conventional), explore other faith traditions and mystical paths, encourage and support each other in compassionate and contemplative commitment to ourselves and others.

Currently, we are offering regular book club/study group in Southeast Portland. We plan to expand our offering to McMinnville, Oregon shortly.