Advent 2021

Dec 14th, 2021 by wbehun | 0

As we await the Nativity of the Divine Light, we at St Michael’s wish you a blessed Advent Season.

Advent is a time of anticipation, but also an opportunity to look back on the year. This year has certainly had its share of challenges, and not everyone has weathered the storms as well as we might wish. Speaking personally, I’ve lost a number of close friends and family this year, and during this time in the dark of the year, their memory is especially poignant. Take time to remember, and to pray for all those who are still facing their own unique battles and struggles in this transformed world.

But do not dwell too much on the past, but look forward to the brightness of the coming Light. The time of awaiting the birth of the word made flesh should indeed be a time of celebration, of joining together with friends and family, and delight in those too often hidden traces of divinity in the world. Follow the true light, which leads us to that life in which we may find ourselves face-to-face with the profundity of the divine life.

Have a blessed Advent, and a Happy Christmas. I remain

yours before the Sacred Flame

+William Mar Thomas
Primate for the United States of America, AJC

Conclave 2019!

Dec 20th, 2018 by wbehun | 0
The AJC’s annual conclave will be held this year in Montreal, QC Canada.
Keep up to date by checking in at frequently
for more information!

Requiescat in pace: The Rev. Dr. Juliana Eimer

Aug 28th, 2016 by Admin | 0

Sisters and Brothers,

On behalf of His Grace, the Primate of the United States and the clergy of the Apostolic Johannite Church, it is with deep sadness that I relay here the sudden passing of the Rev. Dr. Juliana Eimer, Subdeacon at St. Michael’s Parish, teacher and philosopher, beloved friend and wife of our very dear brother, His Grace, the Primate of the United States, Dr. William Behun.

Please see His Eminence, Mar Iohannes IV’s proclamation: Requiescat in pace: The Rev. Dr. Juliana Eimer.

…she will never be far from the hearts of those who are left to mourn. Be kind to each other, and light a candle for her, His Grace the Primate, and their family.