Current Schedule

Sisters and Brothers,

On behalf of His Grace, the Primate of the United States and the clergy of the Apostolic Johannite Church, it is with deep sadness that I relay here the sudden passing of the Rev. Dr. Juliana Eimer, Subdeacon at St. Michael’s Parish, teacher and philosopher, beloved friend and wife of our very dear brother, His Grace, the Primate of the United States, Dr. William Behun.

Please see His Eminence, Mar Iohannes IV’s proclamation: Requiescat in pace: The Rev. Dr. Juliana Eimer.

…she will never be far from the hearts of those who are left to mourn. Be kind to each other, and light a candle for her, His Grace the Primate, and their family.


Dear friends:

In the coming months, St. Michael’s will continue celebrating liturgy on a “feast day” basis, rather than on a regular day.  This only affects services at our home parish in Kenosha.  We serve a wide geographic area, as we no longer have active parishes in Chicago, IL or Chesterton, IN.  Service in Chicago may resume this summer.

Our next liturgy will be on Saturday 13 May at 7:00pm, to celebrate the feast of St Julian of Norwich.

June’s events will be taken up by our Conclave in Denver, CO.  It will be hosted by St. Mary Magdalene Parish.


About our liturgical rites:

The Theocletian Rite is a formal liturgy influenced by both the Johannite Congregational Rite and traditional Orthodox Christian practise.

We will also celebrate the Contemplative Rite by request. If you have a particular time that would work well for you and would like to experience this majestic and instrospective rite of the Apostolic Johannite Church, please contact us and we will be happy to schedule something for you at your home, office, or at our locations. The Contemplative Rite is much more informal, provides a much greater opportunity for participation by the congregation, and is meant to facilitate a group meditation in the context of the Eucharist.

If you are interested in joining us for any of our liturgies, please contact the Rector at [email protected]