Meet the Clergy

His Grace,
The Most Reverend
Dr. William Behun, Ep.Gn
In Ecclesia Mar THOMAS

Archbishop of Wisconsin
Primate of the United States of America

Originally consecrated as a Bishop for another denomination, His Grace affiliated with the Apostolic Johannite Church in 2004.

His Grace has devoted his life to the pursuit of the Sacred Flame. An accomplished initiate of several groups and Orders, His Grace wastes no time in making clear and accessible the mysteries and timeless wisdom of the Gnostic path.  A true scholar, His Grace earned his Ph.D from DePaul University in the United States, in addition to degrees in Fine Arts. He currently teaches Philosophy as a Lecturer at a major University.

His Grace’s passion is not limited to the spiritual, he is an accomplished brewer, enjoys theatre and a wide range of cultural pursuits.

The Reverend Ms.

Juliana Eimer, Ph.D. (Memory eternal)


Juliana Eimer served at the altar with His Grace Mar +Thomas for many years.  She received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from Penn State University and worked as a Lecturer in Philosophy in Chicago, IL.  A native of British Columbia, Dr. Eimer lived in Kenosha WI until her death in 2016.